Jesse Young Credico

Jesse Young is the currently acting president of Credico –a company which specializes in door to door or business to business marketing by the help of well trained professionals. The Credico Group International is a very large company with its branches stretching all over the globe. Credico’s areas of expertise lie in the fields of fundraising for charities, telecommunications and financial services. Credico is known to be the leading company in its respective field leaving many well-known competitors behind. Credico’s main focuses include; outsourcing sales and working as a marketing partner for their client base which is made up of very big names, including many Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Jesse’s Credico is a very competitive, experienced, and successful company with an upward of 400+ independent sales offices in 16 countries. The purpose of Credico is to connect clients to customers for them to secure a deal face to face.

Jesse Young is a resident of New York City, USA. He has a Bachelor’s level degree in Business Economics and Marketing. Jesse Young is an entrepreneur who has a very impressing history of producing very high quality results in whichever field he’s stepped into. Apart from being the president of Credico Group International, Jesse Young is also credited to be the founder of Per DM Contract Marketing Limited –which mainly functions in the UK as a field sales organization. Jesse Young is known to have an eye for the best people for a particular job, he has recruited professionals and given them the necessary knowledge along with the motivation which was needed for achieving success. Jesse Young is also a partner in many different famous ventures which include; Bioceutica –which is a cosmetics company and GiveBridge –which is similar in terms of working to Credico, but deals mainly in the field of in-person fundraising.

Jesse Young

Jesse Young is a very vibrant individual who is also a very successful professional in his field of work. Jesse Young has an excellent track record as a president, his past endeavors include mentoring sales professionals who now head sale teams that cater to their client base, expanding the network of his company across the globe to countries which include USA, Canada, Spain and many others, Merging Credico USA with its European chapter in order to cater to a more diverse and wide range of clients. Jesse Young is very skilled as a marketing and sales manager, team leader and a critical thinker.

Credico’s continuous quality performance in their line of work, has enabled the company to reach new horizons by expanding their services into the retail market now. The company lived up to it’s motto “Beyond Expectation“ by growing more than four times it’s original size ever since it’s foundation was laid in 2005 by the now president Jesse Young. Beginning with about 50 independent sales professionals and now reaching an upward of 1500+ professionals, showcasing a very remarkable amount of growth. “We are flying, and it’s because of the effort everybody’s putting in on all sidesand we know this isn’t an easy business but we really believe the rewards are there.” said Jesse Young, President of Credico International Group.